Police called after vehicles block Redcar RNLI’s slipway

In the words of Redcar RNLI: “Maybe the sign isn’t big enough.”

You would have thought that common sense would tell you not to block Redcar’s Lifeboat Station slipway, but apparently not.

For the second time this week Redcar RNLI have highlighted the fact that some motorists seem to lack basic common sense.

Early afternoon on Thursday Redcar RNLI posted this on their Facebook page after a black Vauxhall car decided to park on their slipway:

In their post they politely asked that motorists “dont block the lifeboat launching slipway”.

Then, if you thought that was bad, late this afternoon Redcar RNLI photographed TWO Volkswagen cars – one black and one gray – completely blocking the slipway.

This time RNLI volunteers decided called the Police.

Some time later, the drivers and occupants of these vehicles returned, and were “completely unaware of the consequences of their actions.”

By the time the Police arrived they had left, after declining to “make a donation by way of an apology”.

Redcar RNLI warned “You never know – it might be you that needs us one day”.

Many of those commenting on their Facebook page reacted in anger branding the drivers “ignorant” and “irresponsible”.

Helen Thomas Khan from Saltburn-by-the-Sea said:

Ann Harland, from Billingham commented:

While Redcar resident Bob Wildon pointed out that …

We hope you enjoyed your lemon top ice creams, but maybe next time you could be more considerate in your parking.

By blocking the slipway, that means that if someone’s life is at risk, then the volunteers at Redcar RNLI can’t launch their lifeboats.

On Saturday it was Redcar RNLI’s annual Lifeboat Day fundraiser which, despite the rain, raised over £2,700 for the charity.

Redcar’s lifeboat operations manager Dave Cocks told the Gazette: “We really can’t thank everyone enough. We are a busy lifeboat station and we’ve already had 40 launches this year. We try and raise locally every penny we spend saving lives. The busier we are, the harder we have to work at fundraising

“We enjoy fantastic support from the community in which we are based. Everyone who contributed to our lifeboat day can be proud that they have played their part in helping us bring people back safe and well.”