Taco bobs Redcar Review

Yesterday we decided to try out Redcar’s new eatery and first Burrito Bar Taco Bobs! Just as they announced their full menu too and it looks amazing we will for sure be trying more.

We thought we would have a little sample of their brand new day time lunch menu, and for just £5 we were able to get a 10” burrito and a taco! We we thought was amazing value.

We opted for a soft tortilla taco rather than the crispy version, we filled this with spicy beef, sour cream, guacamole and cheese. And this little treat was a deliciously spicy little starter to get us ready for our burrito.

For the burrito we decided on the chicken, and we filled this with rice, chicken, sour cream, guacamole, cheese and a southwest style sauce. The spicy blend of chicken was cooked to absolute perfection along with the other mix of sauces and rice this made of a fantastic burrito.

We try and mix up our orders sometimes to make things a little awkward to see how places handle customers like that, well at Taco Bobs I don’t think they could have handled it any better, every change I made was happily obliged and a smile throughout my service was amazing and very welcoming.

Overall we were more than happy with everything from Taco Bobs and feel it is something different to what Redcar usually has and it’s a brilliant addition to the high street.

We will 100% be back very soon. And for that we give Taco Bobs a highly recommended 5 stars.

Check out their Facebook page, they have a opening party with a free shot of tequila with your order! 😱 #DobboDines