Central Park Redcar Review + surprise!

Recently we ordered from Central Park Redcar (it was actually the same day as the other Redcar review but we saved this one for the new year) we obviously ordered to go rather than sit in.

This parmo was priced at £6.95 and came served with chips and salad. Upon opening the box we thought the parmo was abit on the small side but it’s quality over quantity so we dug in.

The chicken was beat to a decent thickness and happily not paper thin, cooked very well this parmo was full of flavour. This was then topped with a good covering of a creamy tasteful bechemal sauce, and finally this was covered with a generous amount of good quality cheese.

Overall other than the size we didn’t really have a lot to complain about. We feel you can always tell the difference between a takeaway parmo and a restaurant parmo, even tho we got this to takeaway 😂

Central Park Redcar 8.1 that’s a review.

On another note, we are so excited to be involved in the making of a book about our favourite dish. The book ‘Parmo a definitive guide’ by our friend Tosh Warwick will be our later in the year and we’re overwhelmed we’ve been asked to be involved! Keep your eyes peeled for more info #parmoadefinitiveguide

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