BNT Media Charity of the Year

Reagan and Julie

Our 2017/18 Charity of the Year is Reagan Jack Rainbows – registered charity number 1165285!

About Regan Jack Rainbows

Reagan Jack Rainbows is a locally based charity helping children with complex needs and life threatening illnesses bridging a gap that does not already exist. This charity came into existence because of my experience as a mother caring for my son Reagan Jack who had severe complex needs and the challenges we incurred throughout his life time. Although love was in abundance, help from local authority and service providers was limited to say the least. Every day seemed to be a fight for life. What others take for granted, we were made to justify. After Reagan’s passing in January 2015, it seemed natural to set this charity up in his name. A long lasting legacy for my beautiful boy.

Reagan Jack Rainbows were voted BNT Media’s Charity of the Year for 2016/17 – after securing 3,764 votes out of 11,472 on a poll via this website.

Julie’s Story

My name is Julie Young and I am proud to be the mother of the bravest little boy ever. My beautiful boy Reagan Jack fought adversity throughout his whole life. Reagan was left with the highest of complex needs after suffering a cardiac arrest at just 9 months old. I was told Reagan was clinically dead but refused to turn off the life support machine.

Miraculously, Reagan did breathe for himself but he was left with severe brain damage, 4 limb ridgedity and unable to swallow. We arrived home against all the odds and that is when our journey began. It seemed that both of us where in a fight for life, with little help from the local authority.

I lost my brave little solider in January 2015. This charity has been set up in his memory and will be his legacy. We became fully registered with the Charity Commission In Jan 2016. This charity Reagan Jack Rainbows has been set up to raise money for any child and their parents who are facing an uncertain future.

You may have seen me recently on Series 2 of Benefits Street on Channel 4. The reason I decided to partake in the series was so I could highlight the problems of getting help in complex situations, that the care system should be changed and loved ones should be given all the help needed to remain in their own homes – because ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE ★♥


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