Our 2019/20 Supported Charities are Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice (registered charity number 1092545) and Maxi’s Mates (registered charity number 1162442)!

About Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice

Zoё’s Place Trust is a registered Charity providing palliative, respite and end of life care to babies and infants aged from birth to five years who have life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. This care will be provided in a caring, safe, home from home environment known as Zoё’s Place Baby Hospices.

Zoë’ is the Greek word meaning ‘gift of life’, and here at Zoë’s Place we believe that life is precious no matter how long it lasts.

Zoë’s Place is a home from home for babies who have life limiting and life threatening conditions.

How Zoe’s Place Started

Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice was founded by our current Chairman of Trustees, Professor Jack Scarisbrick in 1995. He identified that a large number of families, with children suffering from life limiting or life threatening conditions, were desperately in need of specialist facilities where their children could receive respite or palliative care. Even more crucially, it was recognised that families most needed this facility during the early years of their child’s life.

Consequently the idea of a Baby Hospice was born and fittingly the name Zoë’s Place was chosen since Zoë is the Greek word meaning ‘Gift of Life’. After much hard work developing the idea, raising the necessary funds and finding suitable premises, Zoë’s Place became a reality in February 1995 and the first Hospice was opened in Liverpool. Its opening signified the beginning of a unique and much needed service – the respite and palliative terminal care of babies from ages 0-5 with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions.

In 2004 a second Zoë’s Place was opened in Middlesbrough and in 2011 the third opened in Coventry.

Since then, fundraising has continued to provide nurses and specialist equipment for the benefit of our babies and their families.

Each year, the financial requirements of the Hospice increase and we currently need to raise approximately £1,500,000 per annum. We are extremely thankful to everyone who has already shown support of Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice and hope that you are able to continue your support as we move forward, endeavouring to improve our facilities and help even more families.

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About Maxi’s Mates

We are a dedicated charity that helps the stray dogs. We firmly believe ALL strays deserve another chance at finding that right home for them. We care deeply about dogs regardless of breed, age or whether they are sociable with other dogs or not. Maxi’s Mates will meet all their needs until this happens and for however long it takes. We will vaccinate, spay or neuter where possible and will home check every home. Our mission is to protect our stray dogs and provide a safe place for as long as they need.. After volunteering for three years at Waterfall Kennels, a council dog pound , we now have our own place. Maxi’s Mates Rescue & Rehoming Centre opened 2/1/16 as a result of Waterfall closing and a campaign to find a new alternative. We are at Carlin Howe Farm, Redcar Rd, Dunsdale, Cleveland. TS14 6RG. Our strays are mainly from the Redcar & Cleveland Area and also the Hambleton Area.

How Maxi’s Mates Started

Maxi’s Mates was set up on 9/10/12 by Jane Galliford & Michelle Cooper to raise awareness of other unwanted, abandoned dogs like Maxi was! We mainly helped those at the local pound  which was at that time Waterfall Kennels. Dogs that were in desperate need of a loving home and had somehow found themselves as a stray. For the full story of Maxi and how we rescued her from an awful existence please click on her photo below. 

With the closure of Waterfall Kennels, we successfully campaigned, raised funds and secured our own premises. Maxi’s Mates won  the Stray Dog contract for Redcar & Cleveland and we opened on 2/1/16. We are running at present with half of our potential  kennel spaces with 32 fit and ready.

Maxi’s Mates has gone from strength to strength from our humble beginnings and we hope that we can continue to progress to full capacity in the near future. To continue to help ALL strays regardless of breed, age or whether they are good with other dogs or not. They ALL deserve another chance.

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