BNT Media is Teesside’s largest social media organisation with almost 400k followers across all of our social media accounts. Our updates regularly reach millions of people within the UK and the world every month.

On the 27th August 2012 we launched our first social media page using the name “Breaking News (Teesside)” to provide local news and updates across the Teesside area. In 2013 we launched a series of other pages including “Yarm News” and “Teesside Alert”, and in the same year we formed a partnership with a local resident and business owner to operate “Eaglescliffe News”. In recent years we have expanded by launching a number of other pages including “Thornaby News”, “Teesside Traffic”, “Missing Persons – Teesside”, and in 2016 we launched “Darlington Traffic”.

In November 2016 we decided to develop BNT Media from just a name we use for our short URLs into a brand and website to cover all of our social media brands, as a central brand identity and to start producing our own content. Initially we first created a website to house our Community Rules, but this new website helps to bring everything together.

We are ran by a small team of volunteers – all of whom live and work within Teesside.

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