Quarantine review 4! Supreme Greek

Quarantine review 4!

Yesterday we went to Supreme Greek in Middlesbrough, this parmo was priced at £8.40 which has got to mean one of two things, it’s either absolutely fantastic with quality ingredients or its massively overpriced garbage.

Upon opening the box at first glance we were very happy with the size of the parmo and how it looked.

The chicken was the ideal thickness and cooked outstandingly, bursting with flavour. This was topped with a generous covering of a delicious creamy bech sauce, and finally coated with decent amount of a good quality cheese grilled beautifully.

We were given a tub of their own spicy style sauce with our meal which they call Santorini sauce. Its got a very good kick to it, its full of flavour and accompanies the parmo brilliantly. A top notch take on traditional chilli sauce.

Overall we were more than delighted with our meal, this has got to be one of the better parmos we’ve had in a long time and by far the best one in this quarantine series. Highly recommended!

On a side note, they gave us a heads up about their new business thats opening upstairs in just 3 weeks time, Supreme Desserts! Freshly made doughnuts, milkshakes, waffles and all things sweet. We cannot wait to go back and try this out!

Supreme Greek 9.3 that’s a review. Supreme Greek

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