Mo’s Palace Redcar Review

After seeing a lot of posts on Facebook about this new dish given the nickname ‘the cheesy bin bag’ sweeping across Redcar we had to investigate.

Mo’s Palace located on the corner of Milbank Terrace and West dyke road, the official name for the dish we ordered is the Calzone Kebab. But cheesy bing bag sounds just as tasty.

This isn’t a standard folded pizza, this is more of a double decker pizza sandwich and filled with cheese, tomato, doner meat and a choice of shwarma or tikka then topped again with cheese. This is available in 2 sizes we opted for 10” priced at £8.50

I know what you’re probably thinking as we were too, this is going to be ridiculously greasy. We were quite surprised to find out its not so much, it’s actually pretty well put together, and cut up into slices at first you’d assume it will all just fall apart and again it held together quite solidly.

Not to much of any one thing made this work really well and had a lot of different flavours mixing together. Making this actually pretty tasty, I think personally it’s abit more of a novelty item or one for parties etc but I’m glad we tried it.

Overall we were pretty happy with our order and how it turned out, so for that reason we’re delighted to award Mo’s a well deserved 4 stars. #DobboDines