If you’d like to make a complaint about an article (including it’s headline, photographs or videos), please contact the newspaper or website who published it directly.  This can usually be identified through the long (not shortened) web address (URL) and/or the publishers logo, which is usually above the articles headline.

The Gazette – TeessideLive.co.uk / GazetteLive.co.uk

Neil Hodgkinson, Editor – [email protected]


The Northern Echo – TheNorthernEcho.co.uk

Hannah Chapman, Editor – [email protected]


Hartlepool Mail – HartlepoolMail.co.uk

Joy Yates, Editor – [email protected]


BBC News (BBC Tees) – BBC.co.uk/news

BBC Complaints – http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/complain-online/


ITV News (ITV Tyne Tees) – ITV.com/news

ITV Viewer Services – [email protected]


Police Hour – PoliceHour.co.uk

Trevor Sherwood, Editor – [email protected]


Dark Justice – DarkJustice.co.uk

Dark Justice – [email protected]


BNT Media – BNTMedia.co.uk

Please note that this is for articles from THIS WEBSITE ONLY.  If you can not find the article on this website, the link below will be the wrong option. Please scroll back to the top of this page, re-read the first paragraph and select the correct publisher from the list.

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