Quarantine review 2! Nana’s Kitchen

Quarantine review 2!

Recently we went to Nana’s Kitchen on Lord street in Redcar, this parmo came served with chips. This was priced at £6.00 which seems fair for this size half parmo.

Upon opening the box we were pleasantly surprised as the cheese looked great and the chips were proper homemade style.

The chicken was beaten fairly even throughout, unfortunately it tasted asif if was cooked abit to long, being quite dry. This was topped with a small amount of very thick bechamal sauce which is always disappointing and finally covered with as good amount of cheese which was grilled prefectly.

Overall this parmo could improve a good bit considering the amount of decent parmos being knocked out in Redcar these days, chips were good tho.

Nana’s Kitchen 6.2 that’s a review

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