Orlando blog part 1

Hey everyone! So I’m back from my holiday’s, if you haven’t seen the previous post I have been to Orlando, Florida. As this is a very popular destination for the English I thought I’d best try a few different places out and do a little blog about my eatings on my trip. I photoed a fair few but other I didn’t but I’ll still talk through them.


Thought we’d start off with the food on the plane, we flew on the Thompson Dreamliner. On the way out we were served a chicken dinner, a small chicken breast with broccoli, carrots and roasties covered in gravy. Served with a salted caramel chocolate moose cup, the dinner was actually rather pleasant. Really expected the chicken to be very dry but it was rather the opposite, the additions were nothing to special but helped accompany the flavours of the meat. The choc pot was absolutely delicious, gone within 3 spoonfuls but a very tasty little treat.

I only photoed a selection of meals we had so I’ll only talk about what I’ve pictured so you can actually see what I’m talking about.


Our first breakfast in Florida was at The Rosen Inn @ Pointe Orlando Hotel, they have a breakfast buffet so we had a sample, we had to get the famous American crispy bacon alongside scrambled egg, taters and a small bagel with a side of mixed fruit (not pictured) followed by a plate of Micky Mouse waffles covered in maple syrup and strawberries and syrup. The bacon is really flavoursome and actually quite addictive which sounds crazy, you make the waffles yourself with the batter and pour it in the Micky shaped waffle iron and they’re amazingly fluffy and taste brilliant with the different syrups.


We went for tea one night to Applebee’s on International Drive, we decided on the Steak & Mac which came out served with 4 cheese mac & cheese and a side of bacon loaded potatoes, this meal was something I’d never have thought to put together myself but it actually hits every spot perfectly this dish was absolutely amazing, steak cooked to perfection with fresh homemade real cheesy mac and a deliciously crisp bacon and soft potato side. The steak salad again was amazing, steak cooked to perfection alongside a nice fresh salad and dressing a brilliant lighter option for many people.


Another morning we had to go over to try the breakfast at Ponderosa again on I Drive. This was another buffet breakfast but I chose to add the steak & eggs too, wow that was a crazy idea! They have so much selection on the buffet I didn’t need the steak and eggs, I obviously still ate it, eggs cooked sunny side up and the steak I thought I’d ruin this one and have it cooked med-well and to be honest it was still rather tasteful just abit more chewy!

This is turning out to be a rather long blog so I’ve decided to split it into 3 parts! This obviously being part 1. Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3 to follow in the coming days or week, I promise we venture off I Drive too.