Medos Takeaway Review

We weren’t planning on writing a review this weekend but we really fancied a chicken kebab so We thought the next review should be a takeaway.

So we placed an order at Medos Takeaway on Station road in Redcar, We ordered a plain medium chicken kebab & salad, small chips and a large garlic.

We were rather disappointed from just opening the boxes, the hot chicken was placed directly on top of the salad which in turn was now also hot and not crisp at all.


The chicken was brushed with or marinated in a very strange flavoured mix, We know places use rubs and spices to add just that little extra flavour to your meal but this was quite overpowering and just not a nice taste. Along with being quite a poor quality chicken it just didn’t make for a nice meal.

The chips were just standard from a takeaway and tasted like they had been double dipped, nothing special. And personally for us the thing that let this meal down the most was the garlic sauce, most takeaways make garlic the same. Sometimes you get the odd place that makes it just that little bit better, but We were just let down further by the garlic sauce from here, it tasted bland and old.


This place used to be delicious, from when i created Parmo Hunters we tried here and it was given the highest marks and even came 3rd in the world championships. We’ve since found out the ownership has changed hands so maybe that has something to do with the change in ingredients, but for us it’s a change not for the better.


We’re hungrily disappointed with this meal and feel I cannot fairly award this anything more than 2 stars.