The Starting Gate, Redcar. Review!

Just recently we hit up a pub for some scran and obviously I saw a parmo on the menu so thought I may aswell slap a review on it. 

We went to The Starting Gate in Redcar, they serve a one size parmo so we ordered that as it came. It was served with chips salad and a pot of garlic.

At first glance we were pretty happy with the size of the parmo although the chicken looked like it had been over cooked just at how darkened the breadcrumb coating was, however other than that it came out presented well, so we dived in.

Bites taken, score marked, parmo polished off. 

Surprisingly although the breadcrumbs were rather dark the chicken inside was still pretty tender and flavoursome. This was then covered in a thick layer of bechemal sauce, now we know I much prefer my bech to be creamier but it still had a good taste to it. Then finally coated in a well grilled portion of quality cheddar cheese. 

Overall we were happy with our meal and feel it’s quite a solid neighbourhood parmo, we will have to investigate further to decide how good in the whole of Redcar it is.

The Starting Gate Redcar scores a solid 7.4 #ParmoBites #parmo #teesside #redcar #foodie #review #utb

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