Peppinos Skelton Review

You may have had a little glimpse of our most recent review and we shared a pic on our story to see what you thought, the majority vote was  it didn’t look great. So let’s see how it went down.

Recently we went to Peppinos in Skelton, we order half a chicken parmo, this came served with chips and a separate salad. On first glance the parmo didn’t scream amazing but we all know not to just a book by its cover so we peeled the chips off and moved them over, we took some extra photos we thought we could give you insight into the innards of the parmo. We like our parmo a bit thicker than this we feel this was beat just a bit to thin, and the further through the parmo we got we found it was really uneven, some areas being quite thick and other areas being thin.

The chicken itself wasn’t cooked to bad, this was then then covered again in a very uneven layering of bechemal sauce, it’s Asif they have to right thought in mind but the execution isn’t as planned, the bech was decent but as you can see in the pics some areas are coated and others it’s barely non existent. This was finally covered in a good amount of cheese this was grilled pretty good.

Overall as you can probably tell this parmo was nothing more than average, it wasn’t poor it wasn’t great it was just filling a hole as they say.

So we feel the fairest score for Peppinos is 5.3 #ParmoBites #NYSA #BNTmedia