Casablanca, Loftus review.

Recently we went to Casablanca in Loftus, we had several inboxes telling us it was worth a try. Not sure if it was a joke or just an evil prank to get us to eat it 😂 Either way we went along and tried it.

The half parmo came served with chips, which were soggy, the parmo was quite on the small side, if someone told me that was a kids one I’d have believed them. Just at first glance it looks greasy and sweaty, not the kind of things that excite me personally. I can see how they might for some people tho, I’m not judging.

The chicken was beat very unevenly and just didn’t really taste that great to be honest. This was then topped with a thick and clumpy covering of flavourless bech, that was hidden under what can only be described as a very cheap cheese. Now we don’t often mention the garlic but this was down right awful. It tasted like, you know when you get a salad in a polystyrene box from a pizza shop and they put it on top of your parmo and it gets hot and sweaty then the box has that weird salad sweat juice in? It tasted like they poured that in the garlic and mixed it up. Rank.

Overall this parmo was very poor, sweaty chips, salad juice garlic, all round bad parmo. Casablanca 2.1

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