The Meze Lounge review

Recently we went to The Meze Lounge which is located on Linthorpe road in Middlesbrough, this place has several awards so we were excited to try here.

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We thought we would sample their happy hour special to see the standards and size portions. And on this deal you get a starter and a main for just £7.95

We ordered the Falafel starter and the Sucuk starter followed by a Lamb Musakka and a spiced chicken kebab for our mains.

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Firstly we had the Falafel you receive 3 delicious deep fried balls served on a bed of hummus each ball was bursting with flavour then the twist of the cold hummus making this a delicious and good sized starter. Also with a bowl of complimentary sliced Turkish style bread perfect for wiping up the remaining hummus.

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We then had the Sucuk which is a chargrilled spicy Turkish style garlic sausage served with a small side salad. This was a beautiful starter, good sized and full of excellent flavours just enough to get you ready for your main.

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We then moved to our mains and started with the Lamb Musakka this came served with a side salad and a slice of garlic bread. The Musakka was cooked brilliant and could taste everything from the tasty lamb to the aubergine and courgette and the perfectly melted cheese, this dish was mouth-wateringly tasty.

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Then we moved on the chicken kebab this dish came served with rice or chips and a side salad and a pot of garlic sauce. The chicken was rubbed in an amazing spice which gave the fresh chunks of grilled chicken that extra bit of flavour. We chose chips and were more than happy as these were home cut fresh and again cooked perfectly the side salad was nice and crisp.

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This restaurant lived up to its expectations and was nothing to fault, everything was faultless and so tasty especially since this was the lunch menu we had expected a slight lesser quality but we have now even higher expectations for the full menu after what we were served today. Overall we cannot find fault with anything so feel The Meze Lounge deserves the highest of praises and a highly recommended 5 stars.