Hungry Horse Redcar Review

Recently we decided to try the Hungry Horse which had not long since changed over at the Wacky warehouse in Redcar.


Craig Dobson - BNT Media

We had a look over the menu and thought we would go for a couple of options, we settled on the 12oz Rump Steak and the intriguing Chick ‘N’ Mix.

We started with the rump steak which was priced at £9.99 and came served with chips, onion rings, peas, a flat mushroom and half a grilled tomato, whenever we get a steak we ask for it to be cooked different just to see how people do it today we asked for it medium and we’re happy they delivered. It came out reasonably presented, the steak was very juicy, a very good cut and the knife slid through like it was warm butter. The meat just melted in the mouth, delicious.

Craig Dobson - BNT Media

We then had the Chick ‘N’ Mix which you get a few options and we decided on 2 southern fried chicken skewers with beer can BBQ sauce served with a side of seasoned fries and a bowl of mac & cheese this came priced at £9.79, these southern fried skewers were absolutely delicious, the BBQ sauce was quite sweet and that went well with the little kick from the chicken and a perfect accompaniment with the spiced fries, sadly the Mac & cheese was a real let down just not tasty at all.

Craig Dobson - BNT Media

Overall we were quite happy with our meals and feel with abit more tlc the whole thing could have been superb, so we’re happy to award the Hungry Horse a recommended 4 stars.

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