Man vs Food Middlesbrough Review

Recently we thought we’d check out the Man vs Food grillhouse on Linthorpe road in Middlesbrough. After looking over the menu for a few minutes we had pretty much decided what we wanted to try.

First off we landed on the Brisket Pickle on the bad boy sandwich section with house bbq sauce this is priced at £11.95 and all dishes come served with fries and a side, we chose to pay and extra £1 and upgrade our side to Mac & cheese bites as the standard sides were pretty boring.

We then were hovering between either beef brisket or pulled beef from the meat lovers section. When I asked the waiter what he would recommend he said neither they’re both boring and we may aswell get it in a bun from the bad boy section. So we took his advice and landed on pulled beef bad boy sandwich with jerk bbq sauce this was priced at £11.95 and again served with fries and a side we opted again to upgrade the side for £1 and chose mozzarella sticks.

The food took around 20 minutes to arrive at our table, it came reasonably well presented considering the slop factor of our sandwiches.

We’ll start with the brisket pickle, this came served along with the meat was a handful of fries a mustard mayo and a few slices of pickle aswell as the house bbq sauce. The flavours all worked well together although, The meat in this was cold we’re not sure if this was supposed to be the case as it doesn’t state this anywhere on the menu. This was a nice sandwich but nothing to sing and dance about, the best part was the Mac & cheese bites.

We then had the pulled beef sandwich, this came served with a handful of chips jerk bbq sauce, coleslaw and pit beans. This sandwich was quite a sloppy one but all the different flavours worked great together, the meat in this sandwich came hot which was good as I can’t imagine it being to nice cold. The mozzarella sticks are just bought in sticks nothing great about them, the portion of fries you get with your sandwiches seem like a waste as you get fries in the bun.

Overall we feel this is just standard pub food at best, their biggest selling point is they do large portions, even on our sandwiches we feel the handful of fries is just an extra bulking up thing to make the sandwiches seem bigger. We don’t feel the brisket in the first sandwich was fresh either, we feel it may even be bought in already cooked and chilled. We hope we’re wrong on that.

For the price of it all we feel it could and should be a lot higher standard and for that reason we can’t award this any thing more than an average 3 stars.