Incidents on Teesside launch new website and text number

Incidents on Teesside logoFollowing feedback, local social media organisation Incidents on Teesside have launched a new website and text number.

The launch of and 07537 41 60 20 means that you can now report incidents online and by sending a text message, and for the first time, catch up on the very latest incidents online, without having to do so via Facebook or Twitter.

The home page, which shows the very latest incidents automatically updates every minute.  At the top of every page there are some handy links – simply tap the link on whichever method you want to use to report an incident – it’s that easy.

Their new text number 07537 41 60 20 is easier to remember, and best of all, if you’ve got free texts, its free.

Simply add to your bookmarks and 07537 41 60 20 into your phone contacts.