Dovecot review

Today we thought we’d go for a stroll through Middlesbrough and see if we could find somewhere for a smaller bite to eat. After perusing the menu of several places we decided our first review would fit in well being at Boro’s newest bar, Dovecot.

Upon walking inside we were greeted by a waiter and told we could sit anywhere, it was really quiet at this time. So we sat in a booth and the waiter took our drinks order. After a few minutes the waiter came back with our drinks and took our food order, we chose to try the Wild Mushrooms on sourdough toast topped with 2 poached eggs from the brunch menu and then the Sliders and a portion of homemade Chunky chips from the small plates menu.

After no longer than 15 minutes our food was served, it came out presented absolutely fantastic each plate looking nice and clean and decorated really well.

First off we had the Wild Mushroom dish which was a delightful treat, the poached eggs were cooked to perfection laid on top of a bed of wild mushrooms which again were placed on a slice of toasted sourdough bread. Once we cut into the eggs the yolk just poured out covering the rest of the dish leaving each fork full even more mouth watering than the last. Also a brilliant vegetarian option with a very good price of £4.95

We then had the Sliders which were a classic mini burger duo, homemade beef burgers topped with melted cheese and caramelised onions served in a brioche bun. Along with this we had a bowl of handcut seasoned Chunky chips, these sliders were a delicious smaller meal to have. The taste was incredible each flavour worked amazingly with each other, the chips were phenomenal too. Sliders being priced at £4.50 and chips being priced at £2.95

For 2 drinks and our food the total bill came to £15.85 which we feel is a really good price for how delicious the food was and the quality of service we had. Overall we were more than happy with today so we’re delighted to award the Dovecot a highly recommend 5 stars! img_0155 img_0157 img_0161 img_0163