Mohujos Burrito Bar Review

Today we fancied a touch of spice so we headed over to Mohujos Burrito Bar on Bedford Street in Middlesbrough.

We started with a burrito filled with rice infused with sweetcorn and peas, chipotle chicken, black beans, chipotle salsa cheese, jalapeños, sour cream and chipotle mayo. This burrito had an incredible selection of flavours just popping with every bite, the added spice from all the chipotle was just what we needed when we were out looking for that extra kick. From the warm soft wrap to the crisp jalapeños and the hot deliciously tasty chicken this burrito was a beautiful treat.

We then tried a burrito filled with the same delicious infused rice, Black beans and slow roasted pulled pork. This time we opted for no salsa and just added the cheese and sour cream. This burrito was much cooler than the last but still just as amazing in the flavours, this really gave a chance for the pulled pork to shine and deliver its mouth watering taste.

Overall we were very happy with our burritos and would recommend this place to anyone. Now the burrito bar is done we will for sure be checking out the actual mohujos restaurant. We’re more than happy to award these top marks of 5 stars.


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