20th September 2021

Starters Middlesbrough review

Recently we decided to try Starters in Middlesbrough, we thought we’d have to get a little selection. We ordered Nachos with pulled pork, Chicken kebab skewers, firecracker chicken and an portion of skinny fries.

Craig Dobson - BNT Media

We will start with the Chicken kebab skewers, this was 4 pieces of chicken served on 2 skewers a top of salad and 2 pieces of pitta then drizzled with garlic. This kebab was cooked beautifully, the chicken had a delicious marinate on which complimented the garlic amazingly. The pitta was soft and fresh the only thing that let this dish down was the salad was extremely dry and some parts it was browning. This was priced at £6.95

We then moved on to the Nachos with cheese, jalapeños and pulled pork. This came served with small pots of guacamole, sour cream and salsa. They were not shy with the pulled pork at all, I think the ratio of Nachos to pulled pork was amazing and this had a smokey bbq flavour to it when combined with the little kick from the jalapeños, cheese chips and dips it was an outstanding treat on the taste buds. This was priced at £7.95

Craig Dobson - BNT Media

And finally we moved onto the firecracker chicken, which was 4 pieces of chicken deep fried in a spicy batter mix and served with a side salad and a small pot of curry dip. These little spicy battered fillets are a very fulfilling dish, the kick you get is just right and goes with softness of the chicken and the crispiness of the batter, give it a dip in the curry and bang your have a volcano of flavour in your mouth. Absolutely delicious. Again unfortunately the salad was very dry and browning. These are priced at £6.50

Craig Dobson - BNT Media

Overall we were really happy with our dishes and feel although the salad situation needs to be rectified that we would still happily eat here again. We feel Starters deserves a solid 4 stars.

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