San Marino’s Review

So we’ve teamed up with the dudes at BNT Media so now you’ll be able to find our review on our page and also on the BNT page which is great for both of us, Let’s dive straight in.

Recently we travelled out in the sticks abit and landed in Brotton. We seen the shop San Marino’s so we thought we would have to give it a try.

This half parmo came served with chips and an option of salad. At first glance it looks like a solid looking parmo, so we tucked in. The chicken was quite a decent thickness and cooked really well, not tough in the slightest. This was topped with a layer of creamy bechemal sauce, a lovely consistency and full of flavour. Then finally covered in a perfectly grilled coating of cheddar, our first few bites are done and the score is noted so we obviously finished the rest.

This little town of Brotton has a hidden gem in San Marino’s, a very well constructed parmo tucking each box with ease.

We feel this parmo is worth a little travel for especially from one of the other little neighbouring towns and villages.

This parmo gets a solid 8.2 from us. That’s a strong score a good out in the sticks score. We try them all till we try them all!

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