Princess Pizza, Parmo!

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On a little driving mission we landed in Ennis Square Dormanstown, Redcar. By the looks of it we had a choice of a few but rather than being greedy we just tried one and thought we will do others then come back this way. So this time we tried Princess Pizza, this half parmo came served with chips and salad.

At first glance we thought this looked like a pretty standard parmo. About as straight forward as they come, no fancy bits no frills. So we dived in.

The chicken was cooked well and of a decent thickness with plenty of flavour. This was topped with a coating of thick bechemal sauce which had a good taste to it, we however think the bech should be a little bit creamier. This then had a whole covering of a well grilled cheddar which is a good touch as a lot of places seem to skimp on the cheese. 

Overall we feel our initial inspection lived up to our tasting bites, this is a solid standard parmo, I mean you wouldn’t travel for miles for it but if you live by then you’d get it and be happy with it.

A solid standard score of 6.5 is just about dead on for this meal. #ParmoBites #UTB #teesside