Local Community Partnership set to close

A Community Partnership organisation set up to “improve the Health of local Residents (Old and Young)” within the local area has announced that it is to close.

Thornaby Partnership, which was until recently called Thornaby Community Partnership operates a number of community health projects out of the Community Hub on Havelock Street in Thornaby.

Thornaby Community Partnership

Among the projects was the Thornaby Community Kitchen, based at the Community Hub, which provided “food on a budget”, including a large full English breakfast for £3 and a two course “meal deal” for £3.50.

The Hub also provided a number of adult learning and advice and support services through Partnership Organisations and free cooker courses.

Luke John Frost, the Founder and Director of Thornaby Partnership said “It is with a heavy heart that we announce that from 02/08/17 that Thornaby Partnership will cease to exist”.

He want on to say “we have had an amazing journey and one that has been filled with fun, joy and many many smiles”

“Unfortunately the tide has turned and me must move on, but before we go we are still determined to fulfil our commitment to our funding partners and over the next few month we will ensure to educate and up-skill as many people from Thornaby as we possibly can.”

“We would like to thank those that have supported us throughout this journey and honestly without you we wouldn’t of achieves so much – you know who you are”.

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