Dobbo Dines @ Beefeater Talpore

Recently we visited the Beefeater Talpore restaurant at Tees Barrage, the menu looked like it had some tasty choices on so we settled here.

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We started with Garlic flatbread strips from the sharers section these were priced at £4.49 these came served with a pot of garlic butter. The flatbreads came our reasonably well presented, nothing really to shout out about thovery little garlic on the breads or in the butter and they seemed slightly undercooked.

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We then waited 50 minutes from when our starter plate was taken away to when we received our main meals, if the place was busy that would be understandable but it wasn’t even quarter full, then you think well that wait surely the food is top notch and cooked to order.

We then started on our mains, first of all we had a chargrilled chicken & woodland mushroom risotto which was priced at £11.99 this came served with a flat bread which was much nicer than the starter version we were served, the chicken was cooked well and was very succulent and flavoursome however that’s about as nice as this dish got. The mushrooms and risotto both tasted like they had been microwaved and lacked a lot of flavour and the texture was just soggy and the mushroom were like chewing on bouncy balls.

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We then moved onto the dish we were really looking forward too, The Duo of Beef which was priced at £19.99 this dish consisted of a beef short rib and slices of beef brisket served with fries, bbq spiced beans and bacon bits, Chunky slaw and seasoned mini corn on the cob. Sounds delicious? We thought so also, and after the almost hour wait our mouths were almost watering. The short rib was very tender and had a beautiful taste and fell apart in your mouth. The brisket had a very lesser effect, it looked and tasted like it had just been pulled from a packet out of the fridge section in the supermarket, the chips just standard fries, slaw was tasty and the beans were an added bonus. But for the price and the wait we feel this dish was a let down.

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Overall we fell the whole experience here was very average so on that we are awarding the Talpore an average 3 stars.