Kelz Parmo Review

Recently we went to Kelz restaurant on Linthorpe road in Middlesbrough. They only do one size parmo so that’s what we got, it came served with salad and for 50p extra a pot of garlic which oddly came with no lid. Upon opening the box we were quite happy with how the parmo looked, so we took out our parmo tackling tools and dug in! Bites taken scored marked, parmo devoured. Job done.

The only real downfall we could find with this parmo was the chicken was beaten rather unevenly, some bits were flawless and other were far to thin. But it was cooked really well and the taste of the chicken was great, this was topped with delicious creamy and flavoursome bechemal sauce. And finally a coating of well grilled cheese to top off this lovely meal.

Overall we were happy with this parmo, there is room for slight improvement but nothing major at all and this was a lovely dish. That bech 🤤

Kelz restaurant scores a tasty 8.1 and is worth a wait and even a bit of a travel.

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