Are Teachers at this Middlesbrough Academy really “on strike for a week”?

A Middlesbrough school is apparently “closed for a week”

How does a whole week off school sound to you? For some kids it’s like Christmas has come early, but for parents it could mean a whole weeks wages lost as they are forced to take an unplanned week off to look after their kids.

According to rumour, posted online, the King’s Academy in Coulby Newham is going to be closed all week, due to the teachers being “on strike”.

The post, on a website called “Breaking News 24/7” which has been shared thousands of times, entitled “Kings academy on strike for a week” says “The kings academy is closed for a week starting from the 13th November- 17th November due to teachers on strike, please read this and do not turn up at the kings academy at 8:20 on Monday 13th November!”.

But, as Incidents on Teesside says – IT’S A HOAX!

“Breaking News 24/7” is a platform where people can create their own “pranks”.

Incidents on Teesside say “We’ve been made aware of a “prank” online, which has been shared thousands of times on social media claiming that the school is closed for the week “due to teachers on strike”.

We understand that the school is OPEN AS USUAL and that the teachers are NOT ON STRIKE.

All students at the King’s Academy will be expected to turn up for school as usual.”

Sorry kids, but the King’s Academy will be open tomorrow.