Cacau Brazilian Patisserie Review

Today we went out on a little trip to Brazil or Cacau Redcar’s Brazilian Patisserie, pretty much the same thing.

We tried their special Brazilian dish which was priced £6.90, Feijoada which consists of black beans, beef, smoked sausage & bacon and came served with rice, farofa (toasted cassava flour) and stir fry green cabbage. This dish was quite tasty and had a lot of different flavours to offer, if you fancy a little taste of real Brazilian cooking give this a try.

We sampled their Pao de Queijo (cheesy breads) these were priced at 3 for £1, made fresh and tasted lovely, another brilliant little sampler from a great menu.

We then had to try their homemade Iced Tea which was Brazilian black tea blended with lime and came priced at £2.20, which is a delightfully fresh cold drink which is amazing with this hot weather.

we had to try a cake, their cakes are priced between £2 and £2.50 per slice. We tried their Victoria sponge cake, it was again fresh and absolutely delicious. Every mouthful was perfectly soft sponge, cream and jam, amazing.

We also tried their house special Brazilian style shredded chicken breast and mayo panini to go. This was a tasty snack with a distinctive flavour to it that was delightful, we would recommend this place to anyone wanting something a little different to the normal.

We also got a can of Guarana Antarctica which is a Brazilian can of pop, ice cold it was very refreshing.

Overall we were very happy with our food today and we award Cacau a deserved 4 stars.

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