Roosters Redcar Review

Recently we went to Roosters in Redcar, it has recently opened and has had a lot to say on Facebook about their Parmos, so of course we had to try them.

Upon opening the box we were quite happy with our first look at the parmo and we happily dove in, bites taken, scored marked, parmo polished off.

The chicken was pretty evenly beat throughout, not to thick but for me ever so slightly to thin. The chicken was cooked well and full of flavour tho, this was then topped with a nice creamy bechemal sauce and we all know that’s what makes a good parmo. Again for me this could have done with just a bit more bech especially when it was decent and tasteful. This was finally topped with a good covering of brilliantly grilled cheddar, we were pretty pleased with how this parmo came and went down.

Overall Roosters hasn’t done a bad job considering it’s quite new and we give them props for shouting it out how good they say their parmo was.

Roosters 8.1, that’s a review.

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