Warning as Salt and Ice Challenge sweeps the UK

A crazy school craze is spreading across secondary schools in the UK named the Salt and Ice challenge which is leaving children with third-degree burns on their hands,

If your child is at secondary school you may want to know about this so you can warn your children not to take part.

What is the Salt and Ice Challenge?

The challenge requires children to be dared to spread some salt on the back of their hand and hold an ice cube on top of it for as long as they can.

Whoever holds it there the longest wins.

What are the dangers?

The ice causes a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with salt and it will burn the longer they hold the ice the more it will burn.

The Chemical reaction can be so bad it can cause third-degree burns.

Are you being serious?

Yes we wouldn’t be warning you otherwise. One upset mam has released a photo after her boy took part in the craze.

The burn on the back of his hand is so deep it has caused nerve ending damage.

Let’s stop this craze and tell your kids about how dangerous it is.