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In order to help keep BNT Media FREE, this website carries a small amount of advertising.  These adverts are displayed to us help cover our costs and keep our systems running.  Some websites won’t let you read their articles without paying a subscription.  All we ask is that your disable your ad blocker.

Disabling AdBlock on


1) Click on the AdBlock icon.

The icon will be in the upper-right corner of your browser, to the right of your address bar. After clicking on the icon, you’ll see a list of AdBlock’s options and settings that you can tinker with for your current site as well as for the plugin as a whole.

  • On Safari, the AdBlock icon will show up to the left of your browser’s address bar by default.

2: Click “Don’t run on pages on this domain”.

This will cause AdBlock to turn off for all pages in the website you’re currently visiting on your browser.

  • In AdBlock Plus, click the button that says “Enabled on this site.” After that, the text will change to “Disabled on this site” and your work will be done!

3) Click “Exclude” on the window that appears.

A window may appear indicating that “AdBlock won’t run on any page containing:*“. If this happens, confirm that the slider is dragged to the left of the bar it’s on, and click “Exclude” to continue.

4) Click “Options” on the previous menu to manage your exceptions.

After clicking the AdBlock icon to reveal its menu, you can click on “Options” to see all of the sites you have disabled and edit them from there.