Vivaldi’s review, Redcar

Recently we went to Vivaldi’s on Redcar high street, this parmo came served with chips and salad. Upon opening the box our first thought is it’s the dreaded round parmo 😨 nevertheless we dove in face first. 

This parmo was the typical round one, which is when it’s made up of several smaller pieces of chicken or off cuts from the last one then brought together with the bech and cheese. 

The chicken was cooked well and being a decent thickness it left the chicken juicy and tender. This was then covered in a layer of very thick bechemal sauce which for us was just abit to thick and was lacking in flavour, this was finally coated in a generous topping of quite greasy but well grilled cheese.

Overall this parmo wasn’t to bad, we’d eat it again if we were in the area but we wouldn’t travel for it.

Vivaldi’s parmo scores a solid 6.2

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