The Seasons Redcar review

Recently we went to The Seasons on Thames Road Redcar. We ordered a half parmo, this came served in a polystyrene box.

Upon first glance the parmo looked very Bechy, I think I just made that word up but you knew what I meant.

The parmo was sat on top of the chips which personally I find slightly annoying, after a slight forklift type situation we were ready to rock and roll.

The chicken was cooked really well, tasted great and beaten to a lovely thickness, this was then covered in ALOT of a beautifully creamy bechemal sauce and finally this was topped with a good quality cheese, grilled well and full of flavour.

Overall this parmo was a very pleasant meal to enjoy, the only disadvantages we feel this parmo had were superficial, one being the parmo was initially sat on top of the chips and two the meal came served in a polystyrene box which can make everything sweat and be damp or just outright wet, luckily ours wasn’t, other than that it was all good

The Seasons 8.6, That’s a Review.

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