Quarantine review 1! Xpresso pizzaria

  1. Quarantine review 1!

Recently we went to Xpresso pizzaria in Eston (well they came to us 😂), this parmo came served with chips and salad. This was priced at £6.00 and for that we were quite perplexed as it looked more the size of kids parmo.

Upon opening the box we were quite shocked with the lack of size of the parmo. Now i know what you’re thinking, its not the size of the boat and all that jazz but in this case you’re wrong 🤪

Also the first rule of parmo club is do not talk about….shit, wrong club.

The first rule is never trust a round parmo!

The chicken was actually beaten to a pretty even thickness throughout, surprisingly cooked well and had an alright taste to it. This was topped with a very thick bechamal sauce and finally covered with as good amount of cheese but was very greasy.

Overall we feel this was a very average parmo, that could improve alot with some simple adjustments.

Xpresso pizzaria 5.9 that’s a review

Watch out for our other quarantine reviews we’ve got coming up!

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On a serious note, we hope everyone is staying safe and keeping indoors where they can. Let’s beat this horrible thing together! #fuckyoucovid19

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