Spice Lounge Munch Box Review

Recently we’ve noticed a lot of takeaways are starting to advertise a munch box deal, so we thought we would give another one a go.

Spice Lounge in Eston had one advertised for £10 and we thought it looked quite tasty so we ordered.

In the munch box you get a tandoori mix kebab wrap served in a naan bread, a choice of any main meal, either a portion of pilau rice or another naan bread. 2 onion bhajjis, 2 popadums and any 1 sauce.

We chose a tikka masala pilau rice and a mint dip.

The mix kebab wrap was delicious, quite a good kick of spice to the meat which worked perfect with the naan and the fresh crunch of the salad.

We then moved onto the curry, the tikka masala and rice were really full of flavour, this was the standard style for takeaways around here, with alot of sauce but the amount of chicken in the curry was good. We had expected less with it being a deal. The 2 popadoms were a brilliant addition to the curry and the zestyness from the mint dip was fantastic for flavours.

Overall we feel this deal is 100% worth a try and a really good value for money. And are more than happy to award these a deserved 4 stars. #DobboDines

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