Introducing “Dobbo Dines” – our resident food critic!

BNT Media and the creator Teesside’s very own Parmo Hunter, Craig Dobson introduce Dobbo Dines.

We are delighted to welcome Craig as our resident foodcritic.

Craig will be visiting Teesside’s eateries, tasting their food, testing out the service and reviewing his experience for our website – and giving them an all important rating.

And for Craig, it’s not just the famous Teesside Parmo he will be sampling – he will be visiting restaurants, takeaways, cafes, family pubs and everything in between.  One week he could be reviewing an Italian pizzeria, the next an Indian takeaway, or even your local chippy!

Craig said “I’ll be trying and reviewing any and all foods and takeaways, no restrictions or limitations”.

“I’ll be writing blogs for the BNT Media group and for their website.”

“So thank you again and enjoy the ride”

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