The Curing House Review

This week we thought we’d have a spot of Brunch and we decided to try the swanky joint known as The Curing House, based on Bedford Street in Middlesbrough.

Their brunch menu had a good varied choice, we really fancied some decent burgers so we opted for 2.

Craig Dobson - BNT Media

First off we had the Homemade Turkey, Pork and Bacon patty topped with Brie and served in a seeded bun alongside Kev’s cranberry ketchup, pickles and chips this was priced at £12.50. From the first bite you could just taste the freshness and quality of the products used to craft this burger, the ketchup and Brie made for delicious bursts of flavour with the meat. Mouth watering chips were a fantastic addition to this meal.

Craig Dobson - BNT Media

We then had The Bedford Burger which is made from 3 cuts of beef served with in house cured bacon jam Wensleydale cheese, burger sauce and those amazing chips again, this burger was priced at £13. The meat was cooked superbly, so tender and juicy, absolutely full of flavour with the amazing added taste from the cheese made this burger a must try, the burger sauce was a beautiful extra twist on the taste buds to go along with this meal.

Craig Dobson - BNT Media

Over all we were really happy with our brunch today at The Curing House and feel the value/quality for money is 100% spot on. We will for sure be coming back to sample the evening menu and more. We’re more than happy to award this place with the top marks of 5 stars.

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