New Year Pizza Review!

Hey there! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a wonderful new year, we thought we’d start the. We year off with takeaway.

We’ve heard of a good collection deal from a few people in the Redcar area recently so we had to check it out.

So we went to Parmesan House on Station road, they have a collection deal on of ANY 16″ pizza for only £5! We thought well we’re going to have to give it whirl.

Craig Dobson - BNT Media

We phoned up and ordered a 16″ half bolognese and mushroom and half doner pizza, we added chips and garlic to the order because why not.

The pizza was cooked really well with a nice crispy base and all toppings being covered with the thick melted cheese. We had slight reservations on how well certain places could cook a large pizza but we’re glad this was spot on.

Craig Dobson - BNT Media

The bolognese and mushroom half was extremely tasty, with the creamy rich sauce and fresh mushrooms and a thick layer of gooey cheese.

The doner half was original margherita topped with kebab meat, this again had a lovely crisp base and a tasty tomato base topped with delicious cheese and a few shavings of kebab meat.

Overall we feel this is a top notch deal if you’re able to collect it. £5 for a 16″ pizza is brilliant. So we would happily recommend this to anyone and feel it deserves a solid 4 stars.

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