Paul Gascoigne Hartlepool Dinner has been cancelled

Paul Gascoigne has cancelled his Borough Hall Dinner in Hartlepool the night before it was expected to happen.

People had paid over £75 a ticket for the event held by NSG Promotions. They had promised if Gazza did not turn up he’d give everyone a signed T-shirt each and confirmed Gazza would one million percent turn up.

The Dinner with Paul Gascoigne was set to go ahead tonight Sunday 20th November.

NSG Promotions confirmed the event had been cancelled however confirmed they NSG Promotions had chosen to cancel the event and not Gazza.

Gazza has received some bad news and I’ve spoken to him for an hour on the phone, he is very upset, NSG Promotions will be supporting Gazza during this bad time

“Anyone who bought tickets will get a full refund or exchange them for a future event, NSG would rather support Gazza at this hard time rather than make money off him”

Gazza has said “I’m very sorry i cannot make it to Hartlepool and it will be re-scheduled for 2017, I am very sorry to all sponsors and ticket buyers”

NSG Promotions did not want to see Gazza on stage when he is not in a good frame of mind.

Full refunds will be available 9am on Monday and anyone who has paid for hotels will have that expense covered by NSG Promotions.

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