Coca-Cola Truck Tour 2017 dates and locations revealed

Drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola have announced the dates and locations for the Coca-Cola Truck Tour 2017. The famous truck that in recent years has visited Stockton and Middlesbrough will again be touring the UK in the run up to Christmas.

But where on Teesside will the truck be visiting this year we hear you cry?

Sadly no Teesside location has been announced for the second year running as the Coca-Cola Truck won’t be visiting Teesside this year.

The nearest locations to us are Newcastle on the 14th, 15th, 18th and 19th of November.

Full UK tour dates and locations:

  • Glasgow Silverburn Centre – 11th November
  • Glasgow Asda Robroyston – 12th November
  • Newcastle Asda Bolden Collery – 14th November
  • Newcastle Tesco Extra – 15th November
  • Swansea Tesco Extra – 16th November
  • Northumberland Sanderson Arcade – 16th November
  • Northumberland Sanderson Arcade – 17th November
  • Bristol The Mall – 18th November
  • Newcastle Intu Metrocentre – 18th November
  • Newcastle Intu Metrocentre – 19th November
  • Cardiff Queen Street – 19th November
  • Plymouth The Piazza – 21st November
  • Bradford Morrison’s Victoria Street – 21st November
  • Pudsey Asda – 22nd November
  • Gainsborough Marshalls Yard – 23rd November
  • Bournemouth The Triangle – 23rd November
  • Bournemouth The Triangle – 24th November
  • Leeds Whiterose Shopping Centre – 24th November
  • Hull St Stephens Shopping Centre – 25th November
  • Southampton Westway Shopping Centre – 25th November
  • Southampton Westway Shopping Centre – 26th November
  • Doncaster Lakeside Village – 26th November
  • Sheffield Fox Valley – 28th November
  • Leyton Asda – 28th November
  • Huddersfield Mccaulay Street – 29th November
  • Southend-on-sea Victoria Circus – 29th November
  • Bolton Middlebrook Retail Park – 30th November
  • Harlow Market Square – 30th November
  • St Helens Tesco Extra – 1st December
  • Ipswich Asda – 1st December
  • Peterborough Tesco Extra – 2nd December
  • Manchester Intu Trafford – 2nd December
  • Manchester Intu Trafford – 3rd December
  • Mansfield Tesco – 3rd December
  • Liverpool Liverpool One – 5th December
  • Liverpool Liverpool One  –  6th December
  • Watford Tesco – 6th December
  • Watford Asda – 7th December
  • Telford Telford Shopping Centre – 7th December
  • Wembley London Designer Outlet – 8th December
  • Nottingham Victoria Retail Park – 8th December
  • London O2 Arena – 9th December
  • London O2 Arena – 10th December
  • Birmingham Edgbaston Street – 9th December
  • Birmingham Edgbaston Street – 10th December
  • Coventry Broadgate – 11th December
  • Reading Riverside Shopping Centre -13th December
  • Rushden Waitrose – 14th December
  • Milton Keynes Xscape – 15th December
  • Essex Lakeside – 16th December
  • Essex Lakeside – 17th December

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